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Outdoor Group Classes

Outdoor shaded area

Outdoor seated area

A/C to review training & cool off

9 acres fenced in for exercise

How it works

Each class will work on different commands, depending on the number of participants and levels of training. Classes will be announced on the Facebook Group, which will be link at the bottom of this page. Group classes are a great way to safely socialize dogs in a new environment.

group of dogs of different large breeds training together outside with palm trees.jpg

How to Sign up

dog signing up for class.jpg

1. Please submit vaccine records either by e-mail or through here.

2. Please read and sign Caller's Canines Training Agreement.

3. Request to join the Facebook group where classes, content, and schedule will be announced. 

Content Offered

  • Basics of training

  • Tools used for training

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Place

  • Recall

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Crate Training

  • Manners (Jumping, Exiting Doors, Leashing, counter surfing, ETC.)

  • Socialization in a controlled envirnoment

  • How to use an E-Collar (EC)

    • E-Collar Sit

    • E-Collar Down

    • E-Collar Place

    • E-Collar Recall

leashed yellow lab outside in the countr
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