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Caller's Canines is currently not taking any new clients due to construction. We are offering online training at this time. See below

Train at your own pace, on your own time while strengthening the bond with your dog and sculpting the training to fit your liking. Caller's Canines University is an affordable option with unlimited access. For more info review the CCU page (click here).

Caller's Canine University

Caller's Canine University

  • Caller's Canine Univ - UNLIMITED

    Package for our busy dog owners. Online training classes
    • Access to training tutorials, classes, and forums
    • Unlimited access for a lifetime
    • Train on your own time.
    • Pick whatever commands you'd like to teach your dog
    • Great for those who work nights, travel, or new parents

Application & Training agreement must be completed prior to gaining access to online courses.

To be accepted, both of the following forms need to be completed. Both forms can be found under the forms tab or by clicking the links below.

  1. Application needs to be completed.

  2. Training agreement needs to be reviewed and signed or printed, signed, and uploaded to the drop box on the forms tab.

What you'll need for each training session;

  • Leash

  • Appropriate fitting collar (no more than two fingers should fit under the collar)

  • A toy (if your dog is toy motivated)

  • Kibble/treats (if your dog is stubborn bring higher value treats like steak, hot dogs, lamb)

  • Waste bags

  • Basket muzzle (if your dog requires one)

  • Water for you and the dog

  • And any other training tools we are using for your dog (long leash, clicker, e-collar, prong collar, martingale collar)


Of course, always bring your thinking cap because we train to maintain.

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