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Training to BARK about!

Whether it’s for basic manners or unwanted behavior, Sam is focused

on not only training your dog, but

teaching the owners how to effectively

communicate with their furry

friends so the training lasts.

Balanced Training;
both negative & positive.



Myakka City

Text / Call

(941) 313-4383


Who Are We?

Caller’s Canines is a small family ran business. Consider us your local dog training boutique. Rather than being corporate or some large franchise with hundreds of clients, we take on very few clients at a time, often 1 at a time. Taking on few clients ensures each client has the best experience and lasting results. We want to be able to text you, do drop ins, or trouble shoot training when you need it most. We want our clients to feel as if they are the only client, we want them to know they are valued and the money, time, and effort put in is not wasted. We are not here for client turnover; we are here to build roots, create a relationship with you, your family, and your dog. So when you think of Caller’s Canines, I want you to think; boutique, family ran, 1:1 training, personalized training, we are here for the marathon not the sprint.

Meet the leader of the pack

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Hi! I’m Sam Caller; a Manatee County resident, wife, nurse, animal lover, and dog mom.

What is my experience with animals? I have always been a “caretaker” not just for humans but animals too. I have rehabbed, helped, and fostered chipmunks, rabbits, cats, fish, deer, opossums, frogs, hermit crabs, and basically anything you can think of. I am just always drawn to help the beings that can’t help themselves or advocate for what they need. I became a nurse though because to be frank, I love animals much more than humans so being in the vet world would be to emotionally taxing.

How did I get into dog training? It wasn’t until I rescued Cooper that I fell in love with dog training. Cooper was reactive and dog aggressive. Since having him trained I have realized how vital it is to offer not just all dogs but also “problem” dogs the opportunity to improve and remain in their forever homes. I learned that I didn’t think putting a band-aid on the symptoms was enough (hiding/controlling behavior with training). As a nurse, I wanted to get to the root cause and TREAT the symptoms that cause the behavior itself and educate the family. It is my goal as a trainer to help any willing dog owner create a lasting method of handling their canine to prevent any additional animal surrenders.




NePoPo       Silver School

For more info on NePoPo: Click here

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Get To Know Sam Through Some Pictures

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"Sam is a great dog trainer and has been helping myself and my 8 month old puppy a lot! Highly recommend using caller's canines!"

-Courtney W

"If anyone needs dog training, we highly recommend Caller’s Canines! Our dogs are reactive and we haven’t been able to walk them (thank goodness for our fenced yard). Today was only our second lesson and we were able to walk our dogs for a mile. Sam is super positive and a fun person to be around, which makes training easy."

-Kate P

"We could not have had a more positive experience with Sam as our personal dog trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, friendly and positive toward both her four legged friends and their owners! Each session was tailored toward exactly what we needed & wanted to work on with our golden retriever puppy. She was also accessible between sessions via text or email to field additional questions. We consider it a gift to have found her to give us a solid start with a new pup! She is a game changer. Sam comes to my house every week at a very reasonable cost. She is an excellent trainer, both for our dog, Walter, and for our family! Positive reinforcement, no punishment necessary, and a very good learning environment for all. Highly recommend Caller Canines! Thank you so much! :) We appreciate you!" 

- Michelle & Jose T

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